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When you have selected one or more books on our website that you would like to order, may we ask you to proceed as follows:

You can order by letter, fax, email or telephone.

Dutch Customers

To customers in The Netherlands we will ship the order straight away under the General Terms and Conditions as deposited by the Chamber of Commerce. An invoice will accompany the shipment. This invoice has to be paid within 14 days of the date mentioned on the invoice on one of our accounts mentioned below.

Customers Abroad The Netherlands

To customers abroad we have the following additions to the General Terms and Conditions. We will send a Pro Forma Invoice after receipt of order. Please pay this invoice as follows:

  • Use an International Postal Money Order - available at your local post-office, or
  • Pay through your bank, but without any charges to us!! or
  • Send the money to our address by registered mail.

Bank account: Regiobank accountnumber, at De Goorn, The Netherlands
IBAN number: NL08 RBRB 0940873699
BIC number or SWIFT Code: RBRBNL21
PayPal: account reference: aviationwarbooks@yahoo.com

Please make sure to pay the full amount as indicated on the Pro Forma Invoice. We cannot accept any bank charges!!

We are sorry to say that we cannot accept personal checks, as this has to do with the expensive and elaborate banking procedures as well as bank charges !!

After receiving your full payment we will send the books immediately.

Return Schipments

It is not possible to return books, photographs, magazines, CD-Rom's and video's after we have shipped the items to you without prior permission from us. Therefore non approved return shipments will not be accepted and sent back to the customer.

Listed Prices

All prices in our listings are in Euro and without insurance, postage and packing! The customer has to pay for the costs of postage and packing. Packing cost will be about € 50 cents per shipment only! Postage charges will be against the published amounts on the website of PostNL (currently TNT, before TPG).

Need Help?

If we can help or assist you in any way, please contact us!

Aad Neeven

This Month Highlights:

Through to the end

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487 (NZ) Squadron RAF
€  45,00

Author: David Palmer/Aad Neeven


Nederlandse Lockheed Constellations sinds 1939

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€  42,95

Author: Theo Wesselink


Hr.Ms. Kruiser "De Ruyter" 1933-1942

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€  45,00

Author: H.J. Legemaate/A.J.J. Mulder/M.G.J. Zeeland


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