The Campaigns of Napoleon

The Campaigns of Napoleon

The Campaigns of Napoleon - Volume III: The Decline September 1812 - June 1815

Author: David G. Chandler

Publisher: The Folio Society

Year: 2002

Cover: Hard Cover

Pages: 431

Description: Uitgebreid werk over de campagnes van Napoleon. Dit is deel 3 en behandeld: - Retreat, The second part of Nap[oleon's Russian campaign, 16 september 1812 to 6 march 1813 - Twilight: The struggle of the Nations, Napoleon's attempts to hold Germany and destroy the Allies, culminating in the heavy defeat sustained at the battle of Leipzig - "La Patrie en Danger", The canpaign of 1814, culminating in Napoleon's abdiction - The Campaign of the Hunderd Days, Napoleon's return from exile and the events leading to his final abdication Geen stofomslag .

Note: Engelstalig

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