Axis Combat Tanks

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Axis Combat Tanks - The tank was one of the dominant weapons of World War 2 and had a decisive effect on the conflict. This Fact File provides detailed specifications, histrorical data end many photographs of the various Axis tanks that saw combat on all fronts during World War 2. They range from the Japanese mini tanks of 3 tons to the massive German Royal Tiger tank of 70 tons. Specialist tanks such as bridge-laying and flail tanks will be dealt with in another Fact File

Author: Peter Chamberlain/Chris Ellis

Publisher: Macdonald and Janes

Year: 1977

Cover: Soft Cover

Description: In deze WW2 Fact File worden de verschillend gevechtstanks van de AS-mogendheden besproeken. Gedetailleerde specificaties, historische informatie en heel veel foto's. Het aanbod loopt van de Japanse minitank van 3 ton tot de Duitse King Tiger van 70 ton.

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